iTi - We grow together


  • We create and build

  • We realise your ideas

  • We offer a palette of possible solutions to one problem

„iTi“ understands the market as established partner relations between the subjects that make the market. By working together, they improve their performances and decrease the risk of failure at the same time.


We grow together

Consulting services

- Business analysis.
- Sistemic solutions.
- Technical solutions.
- Solution realisation and maintenance .
- Upgarde and adaptation of existing solutions.

Developing systems

- Your system will be compatible with any device.

Responsive WEB Designes

- Unique design for your needs based on our ideas.
- Design proposal for your needs based on our ideas.

SEO optimization

- SEO “search engine optimization.”
- Process for obtaining information and results from using the internet search engines

Social media

- Option for using and managing social media such as FB, G+, TW… through your system.
- The connection between the social media and your system gives detailed analysis and statistics


- Support and maintenance of your systems.
- Upgrade and maintenance of your existing systems.

iTi - P

Promotion and presentation web systems

- If you need to promote and present your products and your work

- If you want the potential clients to be constantly up-to-date with novelties, then iTi-P package is the solution for your needs

iTi - S

Web systems for corporate working

- You have any problems with documents?

- Your job depends on one person?

- You do not get the information and data on time when you need them?

iTi-S package has the solution to your problem. A specialized system for your company only, with the help of which everything is available to you anytime, anywhere and on any device.

iTi - R

Renting a package-offer when needed

- Why should we buy what we need?

- Why should not we rent what we need rather than buy it?

- Why should not we get a product which is specialized for and adjusted to our needs?

iTi-R package provides you with the opportunity to rent the solution to your problems, instead of buying it, and to choose the modules which you want and need.

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